About Me

Hi, My name Tom Tiller and I am a beaming father of two fantastic kids, Jenna and Justine, living in Cleveland, Ohio. The reason I started this blog is largely due to my own memories of child spending many, many days at the Amusement park. Being from Ohio I had the wonderful priviledge of being able to visit Cedar Park on a regular basis. As one of the most famous amusement parks in the entire country Cedar Park was responsible for cultivating a deep love for extreme rides and the feelings of joy are still there to this day whenever I get on one. This blog will focus on one of the latest advances in Amusement rides which is Primal Rides. The newest and most exciting amusement ride in the Amusement park business today Primal Rides takes extreme rides to new heights. Join me in learning everything there is to know about Primal Rides and take yourself back to childhood and those amazing times spent on rollcoasters, at fairs or in Amusement parks. Still have that primal need for thrills and excitement? Sit back and let my blog take you to a new world of excitement.

Dream To Scream – Unleash Your Primal Side

Tom Tiller