Amusement Parks In The 21st Century – Will You Be Attending?

The latest and greatest in Amusement park technology news I created this Primal Rides blog to take you to the next level in information when it comes to thrills, chills and excitement. One of the most advanced Amusement park ride blogs online today this content is about taking you back to your “primal” roots where feeling alive and energized are at the forefront of emotions. As we move into a new era of entertainment it will be amazing rides like the ones found on the Primal Rides blog that will keep the interest in Amusement parks. As changing technologies provide new outlets of things to do there becomes a gap between the pastimes of old and Primal Rides is the perfect answer to the bridging of that empty space. Its an ideal combination of old school Amusement ride fun with all the bells and whistles of new school concepts and materials. I decided to write this blog post on the state of Amusement Parks in the 21st century so that we could get a better idea of where the industry might fit into the new landscape of childhood and family activities.

Amusement Parks By The Numbers:

400+ Amusement Parks Still Operating In The United States

I wish I could visit every Amusement park every year and this number shows just how many there are out there still to enjoy. If you want the Primal Rides blog to come to your local amusement park to cover and review it leave a blog comment and let me know your thoughts.

78% Of Amusement Park Visitors Are Families With Children

One of the best parts of Amusement parks is that they are family friendly. I hope to convey on the Primal Rides blog just how family friendly Amusement rides can be and this statistic really highlights just how much of a family affair Amusement parks still are.

15 – 120 Minutes Is The Average Time Spent Waiting In Line At A Busy Amusement Park

We hope advances in technology can start to reduce the amount of time spent in lines at Amusement parks and with so many new apps coming out it has already started to happen. The infographic even states that 76% of the people who came to an Amusement park brought a smartphone so I am sure we will see even more line waiting improvements in the future.

If you enjoyed this infographic blog article stay tuned for more as I will be putting out plenty more content on Primal Rides.

Theme Parks Amusement Ride Infographic